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Mahi Mahi Tangerine Ceviche

January is New Year’s resolution time.  The time of year when many of us take the time to identify the things in our lives that can stand to be changed – or need to be changed – for approximately two weeks because that’s the amount of time that we’re good for.  Being the eternal pragmatist (as well as eternal non-conformist), it’s no surprise that my stance on resolutions is that they are unnecessary, not sustainable, and don’t really make any sense.  If something is wrong or needs changing, why wait until an arbitrary date in a human-invented calendar year to change it?  Makes no sense.  Even more nonsensical – if you begin to type in “new year’s resolution” into Google search – one of the suggested search terms is “new year’s resolution ideas.”  Somehow relying on Google to search for something in your life to resolve does not seem right to me.  Call me crazy, but step one starts with introspection and identifying the problem, no?

But in defense of New Year’s resolutions I do say this – if it takes an arbitrary date to encourage you the think about what needs to be changed in your life – then by all means.  Although I’m not one to declare resolutions (THE BEST DECLARATION OF ALL TIME – aside from the Declaration of Independence, I suppose), I do appreciate hearing other peoples’ resolutions as it gets me thinking.  Which brings me to how this recipe came about.

After a few months of holiday debauchery, my good friend Nick’s resolution for the new year is to abstain from meat (aside from fish) and alcohol for the month of January as a self-imposed cleansing of the system and / or dietary reset…so to speak.  I know Nick well, and I know that he will stick to this resolution.  He has also made clear that he will be drinking and eating meat again soon enough – have no doubt.  In my book it’s a resolution that I can get behind as I think it is sustainable, and may even have lasting effects.  It will probably broaden the scope of foods he eats in the long run as he’s able demonstrate to himself that there are alternatives to what he may have thought before. Not that it needs my blessing, but this is a resolution that I like.

So back to the recipe.  Nick also happens to be a big Minnesota Vikings fan (I really think his primary allegiance to the team stems from the fact that he has long blond hair like a viking), so when I showed up to his place to watch the Vikings take on the Pack a few weeks ago, I needed to bring a food that would fit his current dietary requirements….and still be awesome.  This ceviche is both.

A few keys to this ceviche – the water soak is super important for helping to tenderize the fish.  Do not skip this step.  In place of tangerines, feel free to use any suitable small orangy citrus fruit – for example clementines, mandarine oranges, etc.  The orange flavor gives a nice balance to the traditional salsa / ceviche flavors, and just enough sweetness.  Enjoy.


-1/2 pound mahi mahi, cut into 1/2 inch cubes

-1/2 red onion, diced

-2 cloves garlic, minced

-1 jalepeno, mincd

-1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

-1 avocado, diced

-3-4 limes

-3 tangerines, cut into 1/2 inch pieces

-1 T vinegary hot sauce

-1 T olive oil

-salt and pepper

Inactive time:  About 1 hour

Active time:  About 20 minutes

Serves 4-5

Place the mahi mahi in a mixing bowl of lightly salted water and let sit about 45 minutes to tenderize.  Once tenderized, drain and discard water.  Return mahi mahi to the same bowl and juice limes, completely covering mahi mahi.  Allow to sit 20 to 30 minutes, cooking fish.

Once cooked, add in remaining ingredients, stirring well to combine.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with crisped corn tortillas or chips.  Or to keep it OG Mexico style, you can serve it with Saltines.


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