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New Year’s Eve Mountain Bike Ride

It’s not often that we take the cameras out and strap them onto our bikes while riding.  But the other day I figured, why not?  I want to [...]

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Hill Sprints: Doing them Effectively

Friday morning at CrossFit LA our workout was 6 hill sprints on a 5 minute interval.  Easy, right?  I approach life most crossfit workouts with a student’s mind [...]

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The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports….Really?

  Or, the “serious problem of sensational editorial in sports nutrition?” The other day a good friend and fellow endurance athlete shared a link on the Rooted Facebook page [...]

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Hammerstein 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race

  About three weeks ago my buddy Ryan asked me if I’d race the 2-man 8 hour Hammerstein mountain bike race with him on what I thought was [...]

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Like A Pro: Laying Out your Racing Year

The triathlon season can be long, especially in warm weather states where you can pretty much race 12 months a year.  Laying out your season with a clear [...]

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Part Two: Some More Racing Tactics

1.  Have a plan, and know what will go wrong Something will go wrong in your race.  Accept it.  Knowing what can and will go wrong while competing [...]

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Part One: Some Racing Tactics

After training for an event for weeks or months, once the gun goes off, there is nothing left to do but “go.”  Racing is often over-simplified in all [...]

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Burn More Fat: Calorie Deprivation in Training?

This morning I was browsing some of the training articles over at Triathlete and came across an article written by Matt Dixon in response to a question from [...]

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Junk Miles?

Perusing various training archives the other day, I came across an article written by Dan Empfield, a well-known and respected voice in the triathlon community.  He examined the [...]

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Crash Training: Get Specific

Over the past couple of years my competing has been reduced to one or two events per year.  For each of these races I’ve faked my way through [...]

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