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Rooted stories, tales, lies...

Outside Lands Rooted Picks

  A day or so before I headed out to London Nick called me up and told me that he and Oriana, and maybe a few other people, [...]

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London 2012: On the Ground

British pride is different pride It was great to be on the ground in London, watching the coverage of the 2012 Olympic games with a GB national slant, [...]

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Why I Supported the HoneyHoney Kickstarter Campaign

  I like good music.  If the sounds and lyrics of the songs like “Come on Home” doesn’t elicit some emotion in you, stick out your hand and [...]

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The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports….Really?

  Or, the “serious problem of sensational editorial in sports nutrition?” The other day a good friend and fellow endurance athlete shared a link on the Rooted Facebook page [...]

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7 Angels Cellars Wine Festival Debut

  About three or so years ago my step father, a wine enthusiast (also a boating enthusiast and / or a guy who likes to boat) took his [...]

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Hiking Mt. Whitney Check List

Last weekend we hiked Mt. Whitney.  Aside from developing philosophical revelations while on the mountain, I also developed a short list of the key things to bring when [...]

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Rooted Does Whitney: Enjoying the Process

Somewhere near the end of my college career I remember sitting down with my then swim coach Gerry Rodrigues in his office alongside the pool deck at UCLA, [...]

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Hammerstein 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race

  About three weeks ago my buddy Ryan asked me if I’d race the 2-man 8 hour Hammerstein mountain bike race with him on what I thought was [...]

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Red Tag Foundation Charity Auction

I have an interesting relationship with “stuff.”  By and large, I don’t like it.  I am a bit of a efficiency-oriented (obsessed) minimalist, and get stressed out by [...]

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In the Garden: What Should I Plant?

  I recently wrote an article for the fitness website Breaking Muscle on how the home gardening athlete can go about selecting what fruits and vegetables to start growing.  [...]

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