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1.  The essential core
2.  Foundation for belief, action
3.  Close relationship with an environment

The ROOTED lifestyle understands that fitness and wellbeing can’t be compartmentalized into distinct categories of diet, exercise, flexibility, and so on.  The two basic elements at the essential core of wellbeing are eating well and staying active.

ROOTED recipes rely primarily on real foods that can be traced back to where they came from, whether a home garden, farmer’s market, butcher, or your local grocery store, and are created to fuel an active lifestyle. It’s not about a particular diet or on single activity, but living consciously and breaking the mold.  Eat well. Be active. Live ROOTED.


The two things I enjoyed most from an early age were good food and hard-nosed sport.  I grew up in Long Beach, Ca, playing baseball, surfing, and spending time in the kitchen with my mom and grandma.  Despite being a food-wise and active kid, it wasn’t until after my freshman year at UCLA that I really began to think about making choices that would keep me healthy.  And it took a catalyst.  After having let his unhealthy habits get the best of him, my father, who was once an elite athlete himself, passed away unexpectedly. It made me think.  Later that year I found the sport of triathlon, which propelled me head first into the realm of endurance sports.

My passion for endurance sports and nutrition led me into business with a good friend who had developed a unique sports drink called Prolong Energy.  Before too long, our small company was acquired and we were living the corporate life.

I created Rooted in conjunction with my family’s winery, 7 Angels Cellars, as a way to encourage people to live a balanced, healthy life while still letting loose and enjoying some of the finer things.  Together with 7 Angels Cellars, we will be bringing you Rooted lifestyle challenges, engaging a community in balanced lifestyle, and bringing folks together for farm to table wine pairing dinners.

These days I race less, but am personally more balanced in my approach to being active.  I still spend plenty of time on my bikes, but am back to surfing, spear fishing, running, and cooking.  I live in Santa Monica, Ca, which lends itself well to all of these activities. In the business world, my greatest pleasures is developing passion-driven ideas.   All the recipes on ROOTED are my creations, and the words are my own, with inspiration coming from every direction.