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Shitake Mushroom and Cauliflower Risotto

It’s been a while since I have been sincerely “training” for any sort of event. With that being the case, my level of starchy carbohydrate intake has been [...]

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Roasted Pear, Baby Lettuce, and Endive Salad

This roasted pear salad is another great light fall or winter side dish. I like roasting the pears, cut side down, on a cast iron skillet as this [...]

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Mushroom, Cauliflower, and Chicken Risotto

This risotto has quite a bit going on. I like to treat risotto as a foundation from which to build, adding just about anything I feel. It is [...]

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Date and Walnut Collards

This recipe brings together dates and collards–two ultimate superfoods. Dates, for their relatively small size, pack quite a few carbohydrates. They are great for adding a bit of [...]

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Simple Jerusalem Artichokes with fresh Parsley

About a week or so ago I discussed Jerusalem artichokes in a soup dish I made (with J-chokes and butternut squash).  The soup was good, one of my [...]

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Collards with Hazelnuts & Cherries

Cooked greens are absolutely my go-to side dish this time of year. With three basic ingredients, you can create endless combinations – and quickly. Choose a type of [...]

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Spiced Pork with Yams and Apples

This recipe is the perfect example of how with a little planning and commitment to making something outside the box, your average weeknight dinner [...]

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Jerusalem Artichoke and Butternut Squash Soup

In the same fashion that Thanksgiving snuck up on me before I could post any Thanksgiving-specific recipes, here I am on December 22nd, kicking myself [...]

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Winter Chicken Chopped Salad

If you make only one entree salad in 2012, let this be the one.  So often we get caught up having salads play second fiddle (Not too many [...]

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