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Gallery Godo: Walk Art Way

Joshua Tree shot


On Friday night a group of us went to the opening of the exhibit “Walk Art Way” at Gallery Godo.  Gallery Godo is a gallery located off the 5 freeway in Glendale.  It is dedicated to showing the work of contemporary local artists looking to make headway in the United States art scene.  One of these local artists happened to be a close friend and member of the ROOTED community, Oriana Poindexter.

Oriana's trees


We are very passionate about supporting members of the ROOTED community in their creative, culinary, or competitive ventures.  It was a big night for Oriana, a Princeton graduate who competed on the women’s swim team during her undergrad years, as she has not shown her work in quite some time.  In her photos Oriana looks for “spaces, places, and moments in which she recognizes a fragment of collective experience.” Everyone was stoked when she sold a few of her pieces, very powerful nature photographs with various thread and ink finishing treatments (she actually sews threaded patterns over the prints to accentuate natural lines).  A positive collective experience indeed.

The exhibit “Walk Art Way” opened on May 25 and will run until June 14.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, consider taking the time to support your local artists and check out some of the work at Gallery Godo.


Obama patchwork


Obama Patchwork up close


Nick taking it all in


matchey matchey hipsters


Oriana's photos




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