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How Many Calories do you Burn Running, Cycling, Bird Watching or Taking out the Trash?

Do you ever wonder how many calories you burn while running, swimming, cycling?  How about taking out the trash, truck driving, bathing your dog or bird watching?  Well if the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, check out this massive spreadsheet I found on a website called NutriStrategy.  They give a breakdown of calories burned per hour for all kinds of sports and activities (taking out the trash is far from the strangest) at a number of different body weights.

I don’t take these numbers as gospel, but they are interesting to look at for a ballpark estimate nonetheless.  I am also pretty curious who has so much trash that it takes an hour of constant work to “take it out.”  Weird.  Have fun bathing your dog.

Click here to go to the spreadsheet.





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